Ron Gilbrush is missing. No one has seen him at home for weeks.

Only you, Catch Huntermann, world's best detective, can find the clues to figure out what happened to him.

Nobody's Home is a graphic adventure game similar to LucasFilm's 90's classics, Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken.
You interact with objects, read funny dialogues, and solve a puzzle. What more could you want from a game? 

Nobody's Home was made for Itch.Io's Community Game Jam, in a week! Yes, a full working graphic adventure game, from scratch, in a week! If the community wants it, we will expand it to be a fully featured graphic adventure game, with more rooms, NPCs, more inventory items, and funny stuff to do. So if you love graphic adventure games and you want to see more of detective Catch Huntermann, let us know!


Move with the arrow keys.

"Ctrl" and "Enter" to interact.

"Tab" to open the inventory.

"Esc" for Pause and Exit.


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buenisimo gente! venía buscando otra cosa y me encontré magia en este juego!


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It was so interesting... pls tell me if you have a you tube channel!!! Keep up the good work, and also that jump scare spooked me.

Thank you so much! We just released a new adventure game, but this time on Steam, it's also free to play because it's a demo. If you also have a Steam account and want to try it out, search for Shikon-X Demo. Let us know what you think of that one, we're really proud of it! : )


OMG!!!!!😆🤪😆😆😃😄...... I mean, of course, I will check out your game 😋.


Okay, the ending lowkey made me jump.


Sorry for that!


No, no. That's a good thing! 


Awesome! We want to make it into a full game, so stay tuned : ) And we're also about to release a demo of a weird new cross between an adventure game with a arcade shoot 'em up during the Steam Game Awards, check our Twitter feed (@kindermanncorp) in the next few weeks if you're interested in that : )

We just released the demo I mentioned before, it's called Shikon-X and it's on Steam (also free) if you have an account there you can search for it, or wait a few weeks until we upload it here : ) Cheers!

It's a very simple game and not too serious.  enjoyed the dialogue of the detective. I was expecting it to be a fun detective game and it is! 

Awesome video! Thank you very much for playing and spreading the word! : )


what did you use to make this game?


We made it in Unity : )


Very nice! The ending gave me chills and I liked the humor ^^


Thank you for playing! We want to turn it into a full game eventually, so stay tuned : )


neat game, I like the artstyle, fitting the veteran investigator and his agenda of old-fashioned stuff. Took me some time to figure how things should work, and I did need a brief review on the buttons, but all in all I think it's good. There's the music that isn't so extravagant but just enough to set a jazz mood.


the jumpscare almost gave me a heart attack.

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for playing! We briefly mention the buttons you need to use, but we now realize it wasn't enough. We're going to fix that in the future : )

We had a whole idea about the ending, but not enough time to develop it! So we decided to go with an abrupt cut, that ended up being a jump scare almost by accident. Most people ended up loving it so we left it after we cleaned up the beta : P


this was an excellent game and one of my favorites from the jam. the presentation and humor were spot on, and a fully featured version of this would be awesome. kudos for making one of the best games of the jam imo


Thank you so much for playing! I really enjoyed your video, you guys made me laugh a few times! XD


This was fun, thank you!

Thank you for playing! : )


good game, i like the idea